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I want to send a stream of MP3 audio in chunks to client side and play it.

Any advice?

What I have tried:

Currently playing the stored file directly using complete url.
Updated 23-Aug-17 2:21am

1 solution

Take a look at this Stack Overflow question's answers:
c# - Streaming MP3 Chunks on ASP.NET - Stack Overflow[^]
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Manudhiman 23-Aug-17 7:35am    
Thanks for the reply ProgramFOX.
I've already been through it..
I'm able to send data but don't know how to process it on client side.
Thomas Daniels 23-Aug-17 7:38am    
You don't process it any different than as if you'd send the whole file as once. You could just request this in a <media>-tag, for example.
Thomas Daniels 23-Aug-17 7:39am    
In my previous comment, I meant <audio> rather than <media>
Manudhiman 23-Aug-17 7:41am    
But such tag would be needing a complete URL to file. Am I right?
If not, then, May I have an example please?
Thomas Daniels 23-Aug-17 7:44am    
You need to have an URL that executes the code to send the data chunk-by-chunk.

I can't really give an example because I don't know if you're using WebForms or MVC. In case of WebForms, I wouldn't know myself, it's been a long time since I used Webforms. But you can surely find examples of it online.

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