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I have an assignment where I am making a rss reader. I have a search text box that allows the user to enter a word and then click a button to search for those key words. The hard coded example search for "asp". I can't figure out how to pass my textbox variable into that string. Any help would be great!

string sTmp = "";
    string sSearch = "";

    //gets the value from the text box
    sSearch = txtSearch.Text;

    //hard coded sample give to me. it works.
    sTmp = "[contains(title, 'asp']";

    //my attempt at passing the variable above to the sTmp variable.
    //I have tried several variations of this with no luck
    sTmp = "[contains(title, 'sSearch']";


    xmlDViewOne.DataFile = @"rss.xml";
    xmlDViewOne.XPath = @"rss/channel/item " + sTmp;

    dtlDisplay.DataSource = xmlDViewOne;

Thanks in advance,

1 solution

Lookup string concatenation;
sTmp = "[contains(title, '" + sSearch + "']";

Take note though that if someone enters an apostrophe in the search term it will cause errors so you may want to also look up "escape characters".
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