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when I run a visual application 2010 I get this error in try catch as function call test , this function get data from some dlls and C++ 

Error :

{"Attempt to read or write Protected Memory This is often an indicating that other memory is corrupt"} System.Exception {System.AccessViolationException}

I have tried to see Visual studio settings in  <pre>Tools menu ->Options -> Debugging -> General -> Uncheck this option "Suppress JIT optimization on module load"  AND and the same error still appears or   windows user as administrator  or over writing the camera manufacturer's dll

What I have tried:

declaration of function

[DllImport("NVSSDK.dll", SetLastError = true)]
       public static extern Int32 NetClient_GetAlarmServer(Int32 _iLogonID, ref char[] _pcAlarmServer, ref Int32 _iServerPort );

Calling from C#

char[] _pcAlarmServer = new char[16];
     Int32 _iServerPort = 0;

           // HERE IS THE ERROR
           int iRetx1 = NVSSDK.NetClient_GetAlarmServer(_ulLogonID,
                             ref _pcAlarmServer, ref _iServerPort);
     catch (Exception ex)

Updated 6-Sep-17 9:41am

1 solution

Basically, something you are passing to NVSSDK.NetClient_GetAlarmServer is wrong, and it's almost certainly the char array. I don't know which SDK you are using, so I can't tell you exactly what to try to fix it, but if the SDK documentation doesn't help, but I'd suggest passing a StringBuilder preloaded with - say - double the required space instead of a char[]
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