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I am developing a Web Application with Asp.NET MVC5. As I dont have much experience, I am stuck with a functionality using JQuery and Partial View.

I have a Side Menu as a partial view in a page. This partial view contains a DropdownList which is populated from model, and it works fine. However, I want to display a list of items from the db when the dropdown is selected, based on the selection, which is not working.

Please help.


What I have tried:

Partial View (_UserPartialView)
var item = $(this).val(); 
$.get("/Controller/GetItems/" +  item, function(data)

public ActionResult (int id)
   var test = db.Users.Where(e => e.cId = id);
   return PartialView(" _UserPartialView", test);
Updated 17-Sep-17 13:15pm

To get the "target" element as a jQuery item you need to do


If that still doesn't work then you need to do some debugging using the browser tools, check that "item" is what you expect, check the action is called, check the "test" variable has results, look for errors, exceptions etc.
There was a Tip just post here on CodeProject that will help: An MVC HTML helper to asynchronously load partial views[^]

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