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I'm using the WPF Extensibility Hacks or WEX - Includes EventTrigger, ReactiveTrigger, InvokeMethodAction, InvokeCommandAction project, you upload in code project. Excellent!! but something happen. I have a checkbox and a groupbox and I need when IsChecked property's myCheckbox is true, GroupBox hide. But when I run app (XBAP), exception is thrown

StackOverflowException on WindowsBase.dll. I made a trace into source code and I note this happen just for wex:PropertyTrigger situation, and errors is thrown in EventBaseTrigger in InvokeConditional(object parameter) in lines:

var result = parameter as EventResult;
this.Sender = result.Sender;
this.Argument = result.Args; <--- Here exception is thrown

this is snipet code from XAML

    <wex:PropertyTrigger SourceType="Element" ElementName="chkMyCheckBox" Property="IsChecked">
        <wex:PropertyAction Action="Set" TargetType="Element" TargetName="grpMyGroupBox" Property="Visibility" Value="Hidden">
                    <wex:InvokingCondition Value="True"/>

I appreciate any help!!

Arindam Tewary 22-Oct-10 16:32pm
Stack Overflow exception happens only if there is a recursive method call that does not reach the base case(termination condition). Please review your code to find a never ending recursive call and remove that or avoid never ending recursive call.

XBAP applications are some what limited security applications.

This problem could be because of Permissions.
Thanks for your response. My situation occurs into project developed by Anoop Madhusudanan in 14 Jan 2010. Exception is thrown into WindowsBase.dll into EventBaseTrigger in InvokeConditional(object parameter) method developed by Anoop.

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