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I have multiple pie charts that's created using highcharts.js. I have already built an Excel export to export the table from the HMTL page to Excel. Now, I would like to export the pie charts So, that when the user clicks the "Export to Excel" button everything is in the excel file. Is this even possible?

If not could I save the charts as images and insert them into the export as well as the other information?

What I have tried:

I spend a lot of time searching on solution but i don't have any idea how can i do it
Updated 23-Sep-17 10:21am

1 solution

You can use the export module: Export module overview | Highcharts[^]
This however does not generate Excel format files, but you can save images.
Maybe you can use a plugin like this one: Plugins | Highcharts[^]
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abood almomani 25-Sep-17 8:02am    
Thanks for your reply, but that did not help me at all
RickZeeland 25-Sep-17 8:30am    
Didn't the plugin work ? it seems to be very popular ...
abood almomani 25-Sep-17 13:37pm    
Sure it's work,but the plugin export the chart data not the chart itself.

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