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I am building a dynamic table with back end code using Visual Studio and C#. The problem that I have is that I either get each record in an individual row or all records in one row. I would like to use say a for statement to put say 3 to 4 items in a row, then start a new row. I have tried changing the code multiple times, but still don't get it to appear they way I want it to look.

This puts each image in an individual row.

while (theReader.Read())
                                   dieCutRow = new TableRow();

                                   string dieName = theReader["DieName"].ToString();
                                   string dieImage = theReader["Image"].ToString();
                                   string dieDirectory = theReader["DieType"].ToString();
                                   string dieURL = "images/" + dieDirectory + "/" + dieImage;

                                   dieCutCell = new TableCell();
                                   dieCutCell.Style.Add("width", "100px");
                                   dieCutCell.CssClass += " cartPaddingLeft";
                                   dieCutCell.Text = "<img src='images/" + dieDirectory + "/" + dieImage + "' width='100'/>";

                                   dieCutCell = new TableCell();
                                   dieCutCell.Style.Add("width", "100px");
                                   dieCutCell.CssClass += " cartPaddingLeft";
                                   dieCutCell.Text = "" + theReader["DieName"].ToString() + " ";


If I take the
dieCutRow = new TableRow();

move them outside the while loop, then I get a single row with all of my data in it.

What I have tried:

I have tried adding a for loop, etc. I thought about a SortedList. A gridview basically gives me what I currently have with the existing code.
an0ther1 3-Oct-17 17:38pm
If you want to put "3 or 4" items into a single row then you will need another loop to add the data to your Table Cells.

theReader.Read() will read the next block of data - a single row.
If you want to put more than one row into your Cells you need to call theReader.Read() again to get more data.

Based on what you have provided, I would suggest you need to use a Dataset & DataTable instead of a DataReader - refer MSDN documentation;,d=hv.2).aspx
Specifically read the section on Choosing a DataReader or Dataset
I would also suggest you need to re-think your design

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