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hi guys i want to program a backspace function for my Scientific Calculator Project i coded something like this

private void button48_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


textBox_Result.Text = textBox_Result.Text.Remove(textBox_Result.Text.Len gth - 1);

if (isOperationPerformed == true)


textBox_Result.Text = textBox_Result.Text;


else if (textBox_Result.Text == "")


textBox_Result.Text = "0";


i want this code to work only when operation is not performed but if operation performed true then it should not work but it not seems to work

What I have tried:

Tried if else type functions but that doesn't worked :(
Updated 4-Oct-17 1:49am

private void button48_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
   if (isOperationPerformed == true)
    // do nothing
   else if (textBox_Result.Text.Length > 0)
     textBox_Result.Text = textBox_Result.Text.Remove(textBox_Result.Text.Length - 1);   
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 8:10am
Hey thanks man it works only when i use isOperationPerforemed == false but it also works when operation is not performed i want to remove the text if operation is not performed.
Here is my source code~
CPallini 4-Oct-17 8:52am
And how do you tell that 'operation is not performed'?
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 8:56am
you can see my source code:
i defined bool isOperationPerformed = false;
CPallini 4-Oct-17 9:08am
Probably I don't get you. Do you mean that nothing happens (no character removal) when (isOperationPerformed == false) ?
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 9:17am
No :( it not removes anything when i define false and when i define true it removes even when operation is performed!
CPallini 4-Oct-17 9:34am
You have two variables:
isOperationPerformed (boolean) and OperationPerformed (string).
What should do the Backspace handler in the following cases:
isOperationPerofmed OperationPerformd
1 false (empty string)
2 false (not empty string)
3 true (empty string)
4 true (not empty string)
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 9:36am
Oh so i need to define other variable for that? Actually i'm noob :(
CPallini 4-Oct-17 9:40am
Actually you don't have to. But you did, in your code.
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 9:44am
But it's not working out, what's the problem? :/
CPallini 4-Oct-17 9:49am
Really I don't know. I am not able to understand what you are trying to do with such a handler.
use SendKeys.Send Method (String) (System.Windows.Forms)[^]

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 8:12am
Thanks but it's not that what i want :|
Vicky Malhotra 4-Oct-17 8:39am
Here is my source code~
If you can figure this then pls do thanks
Karthik_Mahalingam 4-Oct-17 23:39pm
what you are trying to achieve

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