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Hello - I have created a project called Greedy Routing with Anti Void Traversal For Wireless Sensor Networks. In the client application, when a file is received, it should display a status message of "File Received". Unfortunately, it's not displaying that message. Any ideas?
Updated 23-Oct-10 4:44am
Rod Kemp 23-Oct-10 10:11am    
Are you asking people to guess, because without some code to show what you are doing regarding receiving of data, and possibly sending of data, that is about all that you will get.
OriginalGriff 23-Oct-10 10:47am    
Did you code anything to do it, or just cross your fingers and hope the pixies would do that bit?
Abhinav S 23-Oct-10 11:43am    
More information required!
Keith Barrow 23-Oct-10 11:58am    
No information whatsoever. I have a system called Resolution Archive, it should display when the resolution has been replaced, but it doesn't. Can you tell me why? No, because I haven't given you an code or explanation and mind reading doesn't exist.
shakil0304003 23-Oct-10 12:12pm    
More information required!

1 solution

How does it receive a file? What does it do with the file? How do you know it's been received? Does it work in dev but not in production? Have you set a breakpoint at the part where it receives the file? Are you monitoring the correct location?

If you can answer these questions you'll be well on your way to solving the problem.

I would start by verifying that the application is actually receiving the file. If you can't prove that, you can't move forward.

Also, if it's running as a service you don't get UI without some specific config.

More specifics about your problem will allow folks to give you better responses.

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