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Dim conn As SqlConnection = MainForm.con()
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand()
cmd.Connection = MainForm.con()
cmd.CommandText = "select * from fprintt"
Dim rdr As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader()
While rdr.Read()
Dim MemStream As IO.MemoryStream
Dim fpBytes As Byte()

fpBytes = rdr("Finger")
MemStream = New IO.MemoryStream(fpBytes)

Dim templa8 As DPFP.Template = New DPFP.Template()

Dim FPList As List(Of AppData) = New List(Of AppData)
Dim tmpObj As New AppData
Dim printFound As Boolean = False
Dim VerifiedFPData = New AppData
For Each FPData As AppData In FPList
Dim tmplateData As New DPFP.Template
VerifiedFPData = FPData
Dim compareTo As New DPFP.FeatureSet
compareTo = FeatureSet()

Dim ver As New DPFP.Verification.Verification()
Dim res As New DPFP.Verification.Verification.Result()

If Not tmplateData Is Nothing Then
ver.Verify(FeatureSet, tmplateData, res)

If res.Verified Then
'EventHandlerStatus = DPFP.Gui.EventHandlerStatus.Success
printFound = True
VerifiedFPData = FPData
Exit For ' success
End If
End If
Catch ex As Exception
MessageBox.Show("verification error")
End Try

what is wrong with my code cant compare my sample fingerprint in all the fingerprint stored on my database?

Im using
Sql server 2008
4000B Sensor
model: URU4S-U1

This is the sample stored in my database as fingerprint:

What I have tried:

I have already tried some sample codes on google
Updated 5-Oct-17 21:34pm

1 solution

You should talk to the people who created the scanner - they should provide technical support and will know more about their product than we will. If they don't, then find another supplier and demand your money back!

Most provide sample code you can use as a starting point.
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