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create a simple CLI (command line interface) application.

When we test your application, it must do three things: Welcome the user. Prompt the user for input. Respond differently to different input. Handle bad input and provide an exit option.

For example (and please do not make this exact program): The program prints out a welcome message. The program prints out a message asking how the user is feeling. If the user enters "good", the program responds with a happy message. If the user enters "bad", the program responds with a message to make the user feel better. If the user enters anything else, the program responds with, "Sorry, I did not understand that." If the user enters "exit" at any point, the program exits

What I have tried:

create a simple CLI (command line interface) application.

I can't do it. D:
Updated 6-Oct-17 15:14pm
Richard MacCutchan 7-Oct-17 4:32am    
"I can't do it."
Then go and tell your teacher that you need to switch to a different course.
Mohibur Rashid 7-Oct-17 6:59am    

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This[^] would be a good place to start.

And CodeProject, we don't do your work for you.  We help you do your work.  Unfortunately, we can't help you learn Java and the basics of Java programming.  That's something you'll need to do yourself.  If you have a specific problem, we'd be glad to try and help.

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