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I am creating a web application using ASP.Net MVC5. I am using Code First approach in EF to create and manipulate the Db which is hosted on a retail version of MSSQLServer on the localdb server instance on my machine (used for development). I intend to distribute that application to multiple clients but for offline use on their respective machines only. I don't want to go through the hassle of installing MSSQLServer on each client machine. What would be the workaround to this issue?

What I have tried:

I haven't tried anything as I don't have any clients to test this on
Updated 24-Oct-17 9:06am
ZurdoDev 10-Oct-17 15:34pm    
I don't quite follow. If you want offline access then they need an offline db. If you just don't want to install sql server on each machine then do what everyone does and change your connection string to point to your server.

It isn't really clear what you need.
Member 12961392 12-Oct-17 8:35am    
I don't need to install MSSQLServer on each machine, I just need the connection string to point at something. I am not really familiar with offline databases. Could you elaborate?. Also, each client is supposed to have an independent version of the database, so, I can't really point to my server. I want each client to have his own version of the application and the database. But, I don't know how to point to an offline database. I know that I need to provide a connection string to the application which points to a server, so, I'll need to install a db server on each machine and I don't want to do that
ZurdoDev 12-Oct-17 8:37am    
If they each need their own db then you have to install something that can read host the db, in this case sql server.
Member 12961392 12-Oct-17 8:40am    
But do I need to install the full retail version? Or, maybe something more lightweight? In which case, what will it be?
Member 12961392 12-Oct-17 8:41am    
And will I need any specific configuration done to the connection string?

1 solution

You can ask your clients to install SQLExpress which is a lightweight version of SQL Server and its free. Please check the license term of it as I doubt whether it can used for commercial purposes.

While deploying you application, restore the empty db to SQLExpress and change your connection string to point the SQLExpress version and the DB.

Hope this will help you.
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