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tengo estas opciones, quiero mostrar dentro un combobox y asignar un valor a cada uno.

Valor Tipo




despues de hacer una seleccion mostrar con un boton el valor de una opcion seleccionada en un


I have these options, I want to show inside a ComboBox and assign a value to each one.

Type value

_ 1 _____ Dog

_ 2 _ _____ Cat

_ 3 _____ Ave

After making a selection show with a button the value of a selected option in a MessageBox.

What I have tried:

comboBox1.Items.Add(1, "Perro");
Updated 15-Oct-17 19:36pm

1 solution

The simplest way is to create a class:
public class MyClass
   public int Valor { get; set; }
   public string Tipo { get; set; }
And then create a collection of them:
List<MyClass> options = new List<MyClass>();
options.Add(new MyClass() { Valor = 1, Tipo = "Perro" });
options.Add(new MyClass() { Valor = 2, Tipo = "Gato" });
options.Add(new MyClass() { Valor = 3, Tipo = "Ave" });
cbOptions.DataSource = options;
You can then select the display property, and value property:
cbOptions.DisplayMember = "Tipo";
cbOptions.ValueMember = "Valor";
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