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Please guide me about this program, that will read a C source file and verify that the number of right and left braces in the file are equal. Use getc() function to read the file.

What I have tried:

studying about file handling.
Updated 16-Oct-17 1:57am

This looks like homework. Therefore, I (and other's here) will not write the code for you.

But this task is not difficult. Just try it yourself:
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  1. Set a open (left) brace counter, say cnt=0.
  2. read a int, say c, with fgetc(). If c == -1 'end of file' has been reached, hence goto step 6.
  3. if c ==' {' then increment cnt.
  4. if c == '}' then decrement cnt. Check if (cnt < 0) and report failure (unbalanced brace) in such a case.
  5. goto step 1.
  6. if (cnt == 0) report success, otherwise report failure.
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