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The company I work for has used your library for a while. I need to do some debugging but I need the call stack fully resolved. Where would I get the PDB files for version 15 of your library? They are not in the install package that we have on file.



What I have tried:

Looked around. Can't find them. Came here to try and ask you for them.
Updated 16-Oct-17 14:26pm

Not from here. Code Project does not have any products like that.

LeadTools is a commercial product, from LEADTOOLS - The World Leader in Imaging SDKs[^].

I guess you should be asking them, not this site, for the PDB files, though, I seriously doubt you're going to get them.
We do not supply PDB files with our libraries. However, there are other ways to try to isolate the problem and our email support service is free even for older versions like LEADTOOLS 15.

If the problem is triggered when calling one of our functions, it is sometimes useful to create a separate small test project that calls that same function with similar parameters with as little extra code as possible. If that's applicable in your case, and the small project shows the same problem, send it to and our support engineers will be happy to test it for you.

We can also send you the latest setup for your particular toolkit in case you don't have it, so make sure to include your product serial number.
OriginalGriff 17-Oct-17 12:40pm
Excellent answer!

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