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I have a text file that contains several words
...........  dimension="13.7mm" row="30" speed="13.4" ........

I want to extract the value 13.7mm
This is what I have done 
//loaded the file
string file = "c:\\temp\\myTextFile.txt";
string searchText = "dimension=";
//Declare reader as a new StreamReader with file as the file to use  

    StreamReader reader = StreamReader(file);  

//Declare text as the reader reading to the end  

     String text = reader.ReadToEnd();  

     //If the searchText is a match  

     if (Regex.IsMatch(text, searchText))  

         MessageBox.Show("found it");

       //OK now that I found the word 'dimension="
       //how to display the next characters between the next "  and " 
       //the number of characters may vary (e.g. 125.7mm)

What I have tried:

tried to split it
sring[] lines = Regex.Split("server=", " ");

         foreach (string line in lines)
Updated 19-Oct-17 11:39am
j snooze 19-Oct-17 17:40pm
is there more than 1 dimension= in the text file and you have to find all of them? otherwise you should be able to get the starting position of the "dimension=" and then get the next 2 double quote positions starting from the dimension= using indexof and substr methods.
Karthik_Mahalingam 19-Oct-17 23:25pm
post few lines of the textfile.

1 solution

Use a capture in your regular expression. See here for code sample: Regex Groups - Dot Net Perls[^]

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