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I want to change the baud rate of a Bluetooth device (optical probe >> ). I don't know if it is possible or not, but I tried to do it with AT commands from the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE and no luck.

What I have tried:

The IDE detects my device on port COM9 but after sending AT to the device I got nothing!
Jochen Arndt 23-Oct-17 7:44am    
"The IDE detects my device on port COM9"
Which device (the Arduino or the optical probe)?

You are probably talking with the Arduino via the serial port, not with the probe.
marimir 23-Oct-17 7:50am    
I am really new at this .. I don't know but I've thought that the probe has some Arduino board.. correct me if I'm wrong
Jochen Arndt 23-Oct-17 7:59am    
So your probe is connected to a PC and it is recognised on COM9. Check the documentation of the probe for accessing it.

What kind of IDE (the Arduino IDE)?
That is for connecting a PC with an Arduino board.

The probe might use an Arduino internally. The documentation (or the manufacturer) should tell you. But even then it might use a different protocol (which should then be documented).
marimir 23-Oct-17 8:52am    
The manufacture doesn't give me anything!
All of it is just my guess!
Jochen Arndt 23-Oct-17 9:47am    
When you buy a device it should come with some documentation and software like device drivers (if not a plain serial device). The documentation should provide information about the communication protocol (e.g. an AT command set).

I had a look at the web page and there are is no such information provided for download. So it must be shipped with the probes. You can still use the manufacturer's contact page to request more information.

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