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 The UsersInfo_003.txt file contains the following columns
(UserName FirstName LastName Email Role)
Write a Java code to add a new column to the UsersInfo_003.txt file, this column should be a randomly generated password for each of the users in the file. The updated file should contain the following columns:
(UserName Password FirstName LastName Email Role)

 Write a Java documented program to perform the role of a quiz maker. The program should work as follows:
1. Prompt the student to enter their user name and password. Read a file that contains a list of all students’ information to validate the login credentials. Start the quiz only when the credentials are correct. After 3 failed attempts, exit the program.
2. Randomly pick ten questions from the TestBank.txt file.
3. Display one question at a time. Get the answer then move to the next question.
4. Do not accept answers other than true or false (T or F should be fine too). The answers should not be case sensitive.
5. When the user is done with the quiz, print out a report (On screen and on a file) with the below information in it:
• First name
• Last name
• Score
• Elapsed time
• User’s answers and the correct answer.
6. Name the file from step 5 as follows: (userName_COSC_236_Quiz_Date_Time), where:
• userName is the actual user name of the student who took the quiz.
• Date_Time is the date and time of the start of the test.
7. Prompt for another user name and password or done as a user name to exit.

What I have tried:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class project
  public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
    //Create Arrays
    final int SIZE=125;
    //Open the test bank
    File test = new File("answers.txt");
    Scanner inputAnswers = new Scanner(test);
    //Open the answer file
    File answers = new File("testbank.txt");
    Scanner inputTest = new Scanner(answers);
    //line counters
    int testcounter = 0;
    int answercounter = 0;
    //correct answer counter
    int correctcounter = 0;
    //Create a string for question and answer
    while (testcounter < 10 && answercounter < 10)
      String answer;
      String answerUpper;
      Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
      String str = inputTest.nextLine();
      String str2 = inputAnswers.nextLine();
      answer = keyboard.nextLine();
      answerUpper = answer.toUpperCase();
      if (answerUpper.equals(str2))
    while (testcounter == 10 && answercounter == 10)
      System.out.println("Test completed.");
      System.out.println("Your score was " + correctcounter + " out of 10");
      if (correctcounter >= 9)
        System.out.println("Letter grade: A");
      else if (correctcounter == 8)
        System.out.println("Letter grade: B");
      else if (correctcounter == 7)
        System.out.println("Letter grade: C");
      else if (correctcounter == 6)
        System.out.println("Letter grade: D");
      else if (correctcounter <= 6)
        System.out.println("Letter grade: F");
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Rick York 25-Oct-17 18:50pm
All right then. What is your question?
Patrice T 25-Oct-17 20:45pm
And you probably have a question or a problem?

1 solution

Read the question: It clear tells you exactly what to do at each stage.
For example, it starts off by telling you to get the username and password - you don't do that.
It says to validate the user - you don't do that.
It tells you only to accept specific values as answers - you don't do that.
It tells you to randomly select ten questions - you don't do that.
It ends by telling you to prompt for another name and go round again - you don't do that.

It doesn't tell you to loop round printing out the result forever - you do do that.

Basically, that code does nothing I recognise from the question!

Start again - read the question really carefully, and write a function to perform each task: A function to read the questions (which probably contains the answers as well - have a look at the file, and see how it's organised); a function to select ten questions at random from the Q&A you read; a function to get user info; a function to validate it; a function to ask and get the answer to one question; and so forth.

Test each function carefully before moving on to the next: when they all work, start writing the code to make them work as requested.

And most important of all: don't miss the word "documented" from the question.

Give it a try: this isn't complicated if you sit down and read the question then think about it, instead of throwing something together and hoping as your existing code would appear you did...

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