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I am following some tutorials and online training courses and I encountered task I don't really understand. I would be happy if someone can help me write the code. I usually code in Python, but any language will help as long as I understand the logic of it!

Thank you very much!

The logical problem:

def get_reversals_to_sort(self, a)
You need to sort an array of integers by repeatedly reversing
the order of the first several elements of it.

For example, to sort [11,14,12,13], you need to reverse the order of the
first two (2)
elements and get [14,11,12,13], then reverse the order of the first four (4)
and get [13,12,11,14] and then reverse the order of the first three (3)

The method should return array of integers corresponding to the required
For the previous example, given an array [11,14,12,13]
the method should return a array with integers [2,4,3].

:param a: list of numbers
:returns: list of numbers

What I have tried:

I am sorry, I have not tried anything so far, because I don't understand how it works...:/
Updated 26-Oct-17 6:49am
Richard MacCutchan 26-Oct-17 9:36am    
That method will only work for that sample.
Member 13487117 26-Oct-17 9:45am    
what... "method"? :) I am sorry, as I said, I don't understand logic of the problem...
Richard MacCutchan 26-Oct-17 9:49am    
The method that you have put in your question. You should be posing this question to the person who wrote the tutorial.

1 solution

Who has written this qoute. If there isnt some sorting logic in swapping nothing get sorted. Somewhere must be checked whether to swap some elements.

There a lot of Sorting algorithm out there.

Your qoute sounds a bit like quicksort. Very mysterous and not solvable...
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