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Dear all,

ist there a way to run a run a powershell or .batch file from a real machine on a virtual Machine.

I simply want to restart the Virtual machine through a script which i execute on the real machine.

Thanks a lot.

What I have tried:

i just can start the virtual machine but i dont know how to reboot it.
Updated 1-Nov-17 3:45am

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Member 12341536 1-Nov-17 10:41am    
Hallo Peter, thank you for your reply.

I checked out your Link and i think this is the string i need-->
PS C:\> Restart-Computer -ComputerName "Server01" -Impersonation Anonymous -Authentication PacketIntegrity

My Question what kind of adress is it which i have to put for "Server01" I only have a shortcut Remotecomputer.rdp how can i find out the adress?

Thank you very much
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Nov-17 10:43am    
Run it - it should display you a pre-connection confirmation page with the computer name/address...
Member 12341536 1-Nov-17 10:53am    
No it shows me nothing. I am working in a company and the RemoteComputer is installed on a VMWare server everything is already set up. I dont have to log in or anything.

I Want to restart the remotecomputer via script from my lokal machine.

What kind of adress should it be ? An IP Adress? Thanks in advance
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Nov-17 11:00am    
IP address or machine name are both perfect...
You should ask the system admin or check the VM from the inside (ipconfig can help)...

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