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why not we can use other return type in Main() except int or void please....
Updated 25-Oct-10 3:25am

Traditionally DOS (and then windows) apps returned an integer value to say "success" (zero), or "failed" (non-zero error code).
You can still return this - the debugger shows this value if you look at the Output tab when your program completes.
You don't have to return an int: a void is the equivalent of a zero.

There is no facility for any other return format for historical reasons - anything else would be effectively a pointer, and treated as a non-zero error code.
AshishKr 25-Oct-10 9:35am
Nish Nishant 25-Oct-10 9:42am
My vote of 5. Excellent reply.
Dalek Dave 25-Oct-10 10:47am
Good Answer, Griff.
Main is starting point of any application in C#. It is run under main thread. Then what should it return and most important whom it return.

There no client waiting for main to finished

So the return type is void

OriginalGriff 25-Oct-10 9:48am
That turns out to be wrong: Main always returns an int, even if you specify a void return. You can check this value to see what happened to the process in other C# apps if you need to. See MSDN on Process.ExitCode (

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