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I am working with mvc. my code is working fine till last day.But now i am facing an strange problem. I have set a value in Session. Here is code
  public ActionResult RecordForEdit(string ID)
     int Idd = Convert.ToInt32(ID);
            Session["SubuserId"] = Idd;            
            var model = new SubUserModel();
             model.UserName = obd_Sub.LoginId;                          
                model.Pwd = obd_Sub.Password;
                model.Status = obd_Sub.Status;
            return View("SubUserIndex", model);

then in view a method is called by Jquery .
public JsonResult GetAssigned_Suburb()
           string UId ="";
           if (Session["SubuserId"] != null)
              UId = Session["SubuserId"].ToString();
           var Suburbs = odbe.ODB_GetSuburb_onload(UId);
           var jsonResult = Json(Suburbs.ToList(), JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
           return jsonResult;

in this method i get the value of
, then again on a button click a method is called.
public JsonResult GetSuburb_ToAssign(string Pcode, string SubId)
            string UId = Session["UserId"].ToString();
            var UsrId = from s in odbe.ODB_UserMain where s.LoginId == UId select s;
            string intId = UsrId.FirstOrDefault().Id.ToString();           
            string sub_Uid = "0";
            if (Session["SubuserId"] != null)
                sub_Uid = Session["SubuserId"].ToString();
            var Suburb = odbe.ODB_GetSubuserSuburb_Count(Pcode, intId, sub_Uid);
            var jsonResult = Json(Suburb.ToList(), JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
            return jsonResult;

But in this method the method the value of
is null. I not get how it is gone null.


What I have tried:

I have debug and googled alot but nothing found
Updated 10-Nov-17 2:14am
F-ES Sitecore 10-Nov-17 4:47am
How are you calling the method where the session doesn't work?
ErBhati 10-Nov-17 6:44am
ErBhati 10-Nov-17 6:46am
     <td><a href='@Url.Action("RecordForEdit", "SubUser", new { ID = val.Id })'>
<img class="btnedit" src="/../Content/images/edit.png" /></a></td> 

1 solution

You should pass the value throuth tempdate object

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