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Why this query is not giving a result with where clause. If I don't use where clause then I get some results but that does not use full for me I want to use where clause.
Can anyone help me, please?

SELECT dbo.Employees.FirstName, dbo.Employees.LastName, dbo.Signatures.Employee_ID, dbo.Signatures.Document_ID, dbo.Documents.Topic,Documents.Created,
FROM dbo.Employees INNER JOIN
dbo.Signatures ON dbo.Signatures.Employee_ID = dbo.Employees.ID INNER JOIN
dbo.Documents ON dbo.Signatures.Document_ID = dbo.Documents.ID

where Documents.Complete = 0

What I have tried:

Sql server inner joins with where clause
Updated 13-Nov-17 7:00am

you can try something like
       ,COUNT(0) AS cnt
FROM  Documents

this will give you an idea of the values that might make sense as a where clause.

Taking your comment below into account, you can add

CASE WHEN Documents.Complete = 0 THEN 'pending'
     WHEN Documents.Complete = 1 THEN 'has completed'
     ELSE 'something strange happend'
END AS DocumentStatus

to your column list (and don't use the where clause). But from what you wrote I'm not sure what your desired output should look like.
Member 10754595 13-Nov-17 11:51am
I am trying to create a report of who have completed and who have not with the help of View so that I can run it everytime
If adding the WHERE clause returns no rows, then it's because there are no JOINed rows that match the criteria. There isn't anything we can do to fix that: it's your data, and we don't have access to that.
Add dbo.Documents.Complete to your SELECT list, and remove the WHERE clause.
Run the query, and you will see that none of the JOINed rows that the WHERE would be working on would match - to get the results you want, you will have to look at the rest of your data and isolate why that is the case, and we can't do that!
Member 10754595 13-Nov-17 12:06pm
If I do where Documents.Complete = 1
it is giving a result only not working with 0. And in my table,there are incomplete documents
OriginalGriff 13-Nov-17 12:15pm
So what do you get when you do what I suggested?
Remember, you need to analyse a problem before you can fix it - and that means gathering information first.
Member 10754595 13-Nov-17 12:21pm
yes I did not result with 0
OriginalGriff 13-Nov-17 12:35pm
So, that means that the WHERE is not your problem: it's the JOINs that are removing them.
Manually find a row that should be in your output - that has a zero - and look at the JOINed fields - why isn't it included? Until you know that, you can't fix this: and I have no access to your data at all!

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