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I have a data of some binary numbers in few range of cells, from A2 to A8, B2 to B8, and so on, till G column. Now, I want to check the largest binary number from the above Rows and paste it to the cell, two row below the last used range. (i.e., Largest binary number from Row A to be paste in A10, and so on). I am not finding any function which can find the value of binary numbers, and the code which I ran finds out the max number considering those as natural numbers. Your help will be appreciated. Thank You!

What I have tried:

I couldn't find any appropriate code for that.
Updated 15-Nov-17 0:42am
Richard MacCutchan 14-Nov-17 11:13am
A binary number is just a value.
JayyMehta 14-Nov-17 12:26pm
So you mean, I can simply use the MAX formula..??
Richard MacCutchan 14-Nov-17 12:41pm
Have you tried it?
JayyMehta 15-Nov-17 4:47am
Yes sir, I tried it...
@Richard MacCutchan
Patrice T 14-Nov-17 14:54pm
Show us what are your 'binary values'.
JayyMehta 15-Nov-17 4:44am
10010 10011 10111 10110
1010 10111 10010 10011
11111 11110 10110 11100
11001 11110 10111 111
Patrice T 15-Nov-17 6:38am
Use Improve question to update your question.
So that everyone can pay attention to this information.
what isthe parameters passsed in the MAX function
Can you show
JayyMehta 15-Nov-17 4:46am
@Laxmidhar Sahoo

10010 10011 10111 10110
1010 10111 10010 10011
11111 11110 10110 11100
11001 11110 10111 111

If you have:
A2= 10010
B2= 10011
C2= 10111
D2= 10110
A3= 1010
B3= 10111
C3= 10010
D3= 10011
A4= 11111
B5= 11110
C5= 10110
D5= 11100
A6= 11001
B6= 11110
C6= 10111
D6= 111

Then =MAX(A2:D6) will do the trick.
If you take in a single cell then

Do like bellow

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