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in the ZKteco i have one inquiry which function in SDK use for disable card when i swipe card in device

example i create software for gym hall by C# and MSAccess DB i use F18 Access Control my problem i need to insert to tow dates for user information as start date to join example 28-11-2017 to end 28-12-2017 when the day end i wanna his card does not read on device because expire date and make door not open by swipe card the device show invaled card try again after he update card date then card work normaly

so thanks for answer

What I have tried:

name the function in ZKteco SDK or another Road for solve my problem
Updated 28-Nov-17 23:57pm

You cannot set the expiry date for the cards in the device. You need to write a scheduler to run in every midnight. The scheduler should remove the card information of the user or remove the user from the device once the subscription to the user is expired.

This is the only way you can achieve your requirement.
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You don't.
You store the expiry date on the system that the card reader connects to, and each time he swipes you log the activity and check the card validity. This isn't a reader function- it's down to your database to hold all details. For example, if a member signs up and pays his subscription - but then the payment "bounces": the card reader has no way to know that the member hasn't paid and should reject the card and alert the staff.
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Member 13522468 29-Nov-17 7:35am    
dear i mean when i swipe card on F18 ZKTeco if date expire device tell me invalid data and door can not open by card , i use RFID Card each card has serial number in card
OriginalGriff 29-Nov-17 7:48am    
All you store on the card is a card ID - the reader reads it and transfers that to a central system which looks up the member details and instructs the door to open or not. Nobody stores that locally on the card!

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