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Can anyone help me, to implement a quick sort algorithm in datagridview?

I want to sort section "id" column

id name address
11 joni kl
290 lkvan js
829 merry le
91 laun sw

and execute it via the button


What I have tried:

I use code like this, but not sort value 11 and 91

Private Sub Button1_Click_1(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click


End Sub
Updated 7-Jan-18 8:14am
Patrice T 19-Dec-17 6:57am
'I use code like this, but not sort value 11 and 91'
try to make sentences.
Richard Deeming 19-Dec-17 11:14am
At a guess, you've defined your column as a string, rather than a number.

Several suggestions here: Sorting numerically in a DataGridViewTextBoxColumn[^]
Sinisa Hajnal 20-Dec-17 2:41am
Return sorted data from the data source?
Member 13576502 22-Dec-17 23:35pm

1 solution

If your DataGridView's DataSource property[^] is bound with DataTable, you can sort data this way:

Dim dt As DataTable = DirectCast(DataGridView1.DataSource, DataTable)
'when [id] field is type of integer
'Dim result = dt.AsEnumerable().OrderBy(Function(x) x.Field(Of Integer)("id"))
'when [id] field is type of string
Dim result = dt.AsEnumerable().OrderBy(Function(x) Convert.ToInt32(x.Field(Of String)("id")))

dt = result.CopyToDataTable()
DataGridView1.DataSource = dt

For further details, please see:
Sorting and Filtering Data | Microsoft Docs[^]
How to: Bind Data to the Windows Forms DataGridView Control | Microsoft Docs[^]
DirectCast Operator (Visual Basic) | Microsoft Docs[^]

In case when your DataGridView is not binded with any data source, you can sort DataGridView rows via Linq query.
Dim sortedDGVRows = DataGridView1.Rows. _
    OfType(Of DataGridViewRow)(). _
    OrderBy(Function(r) r.Cells("id"))
DataGridView1.Rows = sortedDgvRows

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