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I have a WPF application that has user controls being loaded on button clicks. As a report each page is a user control and I load multiple user controls as multiple pages.
When I try to print using FixedDocument if I call PrintDialog.ShowDialog for each user control I am able to print the controls correctly, but that means the user has to setup the printer for each page.
Is there a way I can show the PrintDialog only once, get the printer settings and then apply the settings for the rest of the pages and print the pages subsequently?

What I have tried:

I have tried to share the FixedDocument object across the calls to the print function I have that calls through Document.Pages.Add().
However as mentioned it works if I have the ShowDialog for each iteration and fails otherwise.
Updated 7-Jan-18 8:12am

1 solution

Yes, there's a way! You have to call PrintDialog on the beginning of the process, then you have to loop through the "WPF pages".

For example:
// select printer and get printer settings
PrintDialog pd = new PrintDialog();
//catch when user cancel process
//if (!pd.ShowDialog()) return;

// create a document and set PageSize from PrintDialog!
FixedDocument document = new FixedDocument();
document.DocumentPaginator.PageSize = new Size(pd.PrintableAreaWidth, pd.PrintableAreaHeight);

//create page by page
foreach(var p in YourPages) //loop through your collection of controls  
    // create a page
    FixedPage page1 = new FixedPage();
    page1.Width = document.DocumentPaginator.PageSize.Width; //trick!
    page1.Height = document.DocumentPaginator.PageSize.Height; //trick!
    //further instructions

WPF Printing Part 2 – The Fixed Document[^]

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