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I need to save various customer details onto a textile, I am currently able to save customer information however when I add a new customers' details the previous information is overwritten.

What I have tried:

Dim Filenum As Integer = FreeFile()

FileOpen(Filenum, "Z:\Desktop\original.txt", OpenMode.Output)

PrintLine(Filenum, txtBoxFullName.Text & txtBoxFullAddress.Text & txtBoxDateOfBirth.Text & txtBoxEmailAddress.Text & txtBoxPostcode.Text & txtBoxPhoneNumber.Text & txtBoxItemDetails.Text & txtBoxRepairDescription.Text & txtBoxDateOfBirth.Text)


MessageBox.Show("Customer/s has been successfully registered")
Updated 17-Jan-18 1:59am
[no name] 21-Dec-17 9:59am
I don't know VB, but after a quick Google search I think you can use FileOpen(1, "TextFile1.txt", OpenMode.Append)
BTW: Think about, how you would decodes your lines :-)

1 solution

Don't open it for Output: that specifically deletes the file if it exists and opens a new one: use OpenMode.Append instead.

But ... I would suggest that rather than keeping the data in a flat file, use a "defined format" file such as CSV, XML, or JSON - the latter is trivial to support a list of customers and can serialize and deserialize the entire list of instances in a single line of code if you use NewtonSoft.JSON: you can add it to your project via the NuGet Package Manager (Tools ... NuGet Package Manager ... Package Manager Console):
PM> Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json
And then just one line of code does all the work:
File.WriteAllText(path, JsonConvert.SerializeObject(MyCustomers));
MyCustomers =  JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<Customer>>(File.ReadAllText(path));

Plus, you get a file format that is usable directly in many other applications.

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