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jquery scroller moves toward right on #what click and continues to so whenever the button is clicked but #hat moves just once would want it to move whenever #hat is clicked

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
            left: '+=250px'         
            right: '+=250px'         
    <p id="what">></p>
    <p id="hat"><</p>     
<table border="4">    
        <div style="background:#42ny41;height:100px;width:100px;position:absolute;">
        Java is Object oriented

What I have tried:

changed function for onclick events
Updated 31-Dec-17 5:13am

1 solution

If I understand correctly, you want a click on the #hat element to move the div back to the left. Instead of doing right: '+=250px', this works:
left: '-=250px'
So that does the opposite of the click on #what.
Karthik_Mahalingam 31-Dec-17 13:06pm
Thomas Daniels 31-Dec-17 13:06pm
Thank you!
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:34am
left and right is controlled by left: '+=250px' and right: '+=250px' attributes it does moves in either direction but towatds left just once and then towards right
Thomas Daniels 1-Jan-18 3:37am
Your code wasn't working for me with "right: '+=250px'"... but anyway, I'm not sure what you mean by this comment.
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:40am
is your browser javascript enabled cause it works on chrome and mozilla
Thomas Daniels 1-Jan-18 3:42am
Well, of course it's enabled - otherwise my code wouldn't work either :) But no, "right: '+=250px'" doesn't work for me on both Chrome and Firefox.
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:46am
yes that is the question that right doesnt works but it does works once when the document is loaded
Thomas Daniels 1-Jan-18 3:47am
Right never worked for me, so I suggest left to fix it.
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:51am
changed right to left and left: '-=250px' works now thanks

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