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Hi Im using Visual Studio, making a windows application and want to make it so at the side it has a scroll bar that scroll down the entire form. I have added the Vertical Scroll bar but dont know how to attach it to the form properly. Please help.

Code so far:

public frmNav()
private void btnOneToNine_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
private void vScrollBar1_Scroll(object sender, ScrollEventArgs e)

As you can see there is a button and basically I want many many buttons and labels on the form but need more room, so a scroll bar is a nessisary.

You may not need to add a ScrollBar. The Form has an AutoScroll property that handles most scenarios pretty well.
WurmInfinity 27-Oct-10 11:17am
Hmmmm im gunna play with something and come back to you on that one
WurmInfinity 27-Oct-10 11:18am
Im actually retarded. Well I am a beginner so its all sorta falling into place, but yeah the autoscroll works wonders :D thanks
I hope this will help you

Vertical ScrollBar in C#
WurmInfinity 27-Oct-10 10:41am
Already been trying to use that, cant make heads or tales of the bit where it says
First step to create a dynamic VScrollBar is to create an instance of VScrollBar class. The following code snippet creates a VScrollBar control object.

VScrollBar vScroller = new VScrollBar();

dunno were to place it

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