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i need to create a software on the monitor connected to the RPi. i need a code that can send data from my raspberry pi to the external connected microcontroller(say 8051) and store the data in it. then i can recollect the data from the microcontroller.

What I have tried:

i have the hardware but no coding knowledge whatsoever to do this project. i created an application on RPi that can take the input.
Richard MacCutchan 8-Jan-18 5:12am    
If you have no coding knowledge then such a project will not be easy. I can only suggest you search for articles on the subject, including the 8051.
Mike Hankey 8-Jan-18 13:06pm    
First and foremost how do you plan to store file data on 8051 with only 128 bytea of RAM. It does have 4k of ROM but you would have to buffer it.
Also what are you going to be using for hardware on mcu side, a development board, home made board? Most development boards have an USB port that converts the UART to USB but if you develop your own board you will need such a converter, they're available on ebay and other places. From there it is just a matter of serial communications between devices.

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