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I want an excel file in which there are column headers stated "Employee ID", "Name", "Area", "City" and "State", not necessary in same order. I also have some sheets in same wbk which have few of the above headers, but not all of them. I want to find such sheet where the column have all the mentioned headers, irrespective of the order. I tried coding it, but got an error on the line:
For each ws in Workbooks("Trials.xslm").Worksheets

I got an error of <Subscript out of range>.
Kindly throw a light on it.

What I have tried:

Private Sub ValidButton_Click()
    Dim nColumn As Double
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim strA As String, strB As String, strC As String, strD As String, strE As String
    strA = "Employee ID"
    strB = "Name"
    strC = "Area"
    strD = "City"
    strE = "State"
    For Each ws In Workbooks("Trials.xslm").Worksheets
        For i = 1 To UsedRange.Columns.Count
            If Cells(1, i).Value = strA Or strB Or strC Or strD Or strE Then
                MsgBox True
                MsgBox False
            End If
        Next i
End Sub
Updated 11-Jan-18 9:16am

1 solution

I got an error of <Subscript out of range>.

This means that Trials.xslm is closed. You have to open it before you start doing anything else.

Dim wbk As Workbook

Set wbk = Application.Workbooks,Open("FullPathAndFilename.xlsx")

For Each ws In wbk.Worksheets
'your code here

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