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include 'conn.php';

$result = ("SELECT * FROM usrdata"); // selecting data through mysql_query()

echo'<table border=1px>';  // opening table tag
echo'<th>id</th><th>email</th><th>Password</th>'; //table headers

while($data = mysqli_fetch_array($count))
// we are running a while loop to print all the rows in a table
echo'<tr>'; // printing table row
echo '<td>'.$data['id'].'</td><td>'.$data['email'].'</td><td>'.$data['password'].'</td>'; // we are looping all data to be printed till last row in the table
echo '<td><input type="button" name="delete" value="delete"></td>';


echo'</tr>'; // closing table row
echo '</table>';


    function delete()
    	$delete1 =("DELETE FROM `usrdata` WHERE id = '$id'");
        $result = mysqli_query($conn,$delete1) or die(mysqli_error());
	echo "record deleted";


What I have tried:

i am try to delete entire row into table using button click. but button is clikced event is dosen't responsed
Updated 30-Jan-20 0:11am

$delete1 =("DELETE FROM `usrdata` WHERE id = '$id'");
$id is nowhere defined.

You might pass the ID as value parameter for the delete button.
Aside from Jochen Arndt's suggestion, function delete() uses $conn - but that value is defined outside of its scope. You don't have a connection.

You need something like function($conn) {} so you can pass in the connection.
Jochen Arndt 12-Jan-18 7:56am
I think that $conn is in global scope by including 'conn.php'.
W Balboos, GHB 12-Jan-18 8:00am
They may well be - no way to tell (or did I miss something?).
If I didn't miss something, than that base is now covered.

All the usage of $conn that 'must have worked' is in the same code block as the #include - but once you create the function - maybe yes, maybe no. (?)

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