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I am a beginner in Javascript (and programming) and am tasked with creating a function that will convert an array of objects into an array of arrays.

I have one array with many objects inside , which consist of movies and their data such as genres, actors, descriptions etc.

I need to create a function which will convert this array of objects :

var movieInfo = [
actors: [
{ firstName: "Elijah", lastName: "Wood" },
{ firstName: "Ian", lastName: "McKellen" },
{ firstName: "Viggo", lastName: "Mortensen" }

to an array of arrays and then log the actors names to the console.

I've tried using Array.from() method but as i don't really understand it yet it hasn't done the trick.

Thank you in advance.

What I have tried:

loop through the array, and tried Array.from on the objects within the array
Updated 13-Jan-18 18:56pm
Richard Deeming 16-Jan-18 13:19pm
What is the expected output?

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