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I add a new migration to my solution , and when trying to update database using this command (Update-Database) , there is an error message shown 'There is already an object named 'Currency' in the database. ', i'm using entity framework core 2.0

What I have tried:

Add-Migration NewMigration
Updated 14-Jan-18 5:25am

1 solution

Read the error message. There's already some table, probably, called Currency in your database. You can't have two tables, or any other object for that matter, with the same name.

Also, Currency might be a reserved word in the database engine you're using. You'll have to call your table, or whatever other object it is, something else.
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Ahmed Dabas 15-Jan-18 3:45am    
When i delete the database , then re excute command Update-Database
the update done !!!

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