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I have a project from my college to program in mips code. But the content of register doesn't increse
.I must program in mips to print if sum of digits of numbers from 1 to 1000 is divisible by 5 and 7 and not by 3 print
Sorry for my English

What I have tried:

x: .word 1
.space 4000
li $v0,5
la $a0,x

sw $t0,$a0
addi $t1,$zero,10
add $t4,$zero,$zero
rem $t4,$t0,$t1
div $t0,$t0,$t1
bne $t0,$zero,loop

rem $t5,$t4,5
bnez $t5,label
rem $t6,$t4,7
bnez $t6,label
rem $t7,$t4,3
beqz $t7,label

li $v0,1
move $a0,$t4

j label

add $a0,$a0,1

ble $t0,1000,loop
#li $v0,5
#la $a0,$t0
Updated 18-Jan-18 11:20am

1 solution

Yes, of course :-)

Well, my MIPS assembly is rusty. The following code, however, produces the correct result (tested on a simulator)
    li t0, 1	# t0 is the index of the loop (1..1000)	  
    li t1, 0    # t1 is the sum of the selected numbers
                # t2 is a temporary
    li t3, 3    # t3 holds the constant number 3
    li t5, 5    # t5 holds the constant number 5
    li t7, 7    # t7 holds the constant number 7
    rem t2, t0, t3
    beq t2, zero, skipadd
    rem t2, t0, t5
    bne t2, zero, skipadd
    rem t2, t0, t7
    bne t2, zero, skipadd
    addu t1, t1, t0
    addiu t0,t0, 1
    li t2,1001
    bne t0,t2, loop
    nop		 # here t1 contains the result

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