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I have to call R from python and show the results graphically through R.
For example, if we take Apache, to look at different scores in CVSS database; CVE no, the risk scores, severity, etc.
components to use - R, python, and graphical console based tool

What I have tried:

Getting data in R and showing them graphically. Not sure how to integrate R and python together
Updated 15-Jan-22 4:51am

So you pretty much need to google tutorials on how to use pyhton and R...unless you've actually attempted what you are trying to accomplish and have some code to show where you are stuck...a google search for tutorials is going to be the best place for you to start.


Now once you've started and actually have attempted to complete your task, should you get stuck anywhere then feel free to come back with a clear explanation of your issue, relevant code samples and I am sure you will get more meaningful help. Otherwise, teaching you pthon and R is beyond the scope of this quick answer forum.
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Hello - I found TheCyberByte article "How to retrieve CVSS Scores with Bulk CVE Lookup in NIST NVD via Python" using Beautiful Soup particularly helpful.

I used a Ubuntu VM (Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS) and basic text editor (vi) at command line to interactively develop and test code to reach the results linked above and available here I started a weekend run batch retrieval of CVSS scores with the code that is still in progress. The ability to iterate forward and test ideas with this barebones CLI approach worked well.

Python and its ecosystem are just amazing for even a newbie like me that has occasionally dabbled, hasn't had a real good reason to go further or "full stack" with it so far.

I hope this code example helps!

Orlando Stevenson
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Sean Ewington 21-Jan-22 6:34am    
Thanks very much for your answer. I'm afraid we do not allow links to your linkedin as a signature. I have removed it.

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