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I'm try to enter a computed Column Specification (col7) in a column to get minimum date as opposed to a maximum date:

What I have tried:

this works fine:

however if I try to specify something like:

I keep getting sql 'error validating the formula for col7'
I'm just not sure how this should be written or even if it is possible in a Computed Column Specification.
for reference col5 is an integer and col6 is a date
How can I get this corrected in a Computed Column Specification?
Thanks in advance.
Updated 20-Jan-18 13:23pm

1 solution

I think the Computed Column Specification does not allow aggregation (Min, Max,...). You can try something like below. If 12/31/2099 > that the date dateadd([year],[col5],[col6]) then we can assume that the later is a min date, else the former is the min date

	[Year] [int] NULL,
	[Col5] [int] NULL,
	[Col6] [date] NULL,
	[Col7]  AS (case when dateadd(year,[col5],[col6])<'12/31/2099' then dateadd(year,[col5],[col6]) else '12/31/2099' end)

	SELECT 2018, 2, '2018-01-01' UNION
	SELECT 2018, 3, '2011-01-01' UNION
	SELECT 2014, 10, '2017-08-25' UNION
	SELECT 2017, 1, '2017-08-25' UNION
	SELECT 2020, 100, '2020-01-01' 


Year	Col5	Col6	        Col7
2014	10	    2017-08-25	    2027-08-25
2017	1	    2017-08-25	    2018-08-25
2018	2	    2018-01-01	    2020-01-01
2018	3	    2011-01-01	    2014-01-01
2020	100	    2020-01-01	    2099-12-31
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