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I am new to c# please help me with this.

I need help with how can i get the task manager information such as cpu,memory and disk usage in %, using C# objectquery

Thanks and Regards


What I have tried:

I tried for cpu utilization , but it was not accurate
Updated 15-May-22 5:03am
Richard MacCutchan 25-Jan-18 4:36am    
Calculating percentages is simple mathematics. What exactly is your problem?
Member 13638860 25-Jan-18 4:38am    
i need to get the percentage of cpu,memory and disk utilized using C# objectquery
Richard MacCutchan 25-Jan-18 4:43am    
Well you already said that.
Member 13638860 25-Jan-18 7:23am    
i need suggestion, as in which WMI to use

Refer this CodeProject article,
Customized Task Manager in .NET using C# and Windows Forms[^]
But you could have found this if you googled it...
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Actually, it can't be the same as task manager. Because task manager's counter using its own method. Besides that, performance counter is a counter, so it will count the value instead of getting the value of task manager. For answering, i said that it's okay to have a quite different value for your device monitor. And for addition, make sure that you called
function when using performance counter, before inserting the value into form, wpf, or console.

notes: cpu_value is a variable i used for processor's performance counter.
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