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I need a regex - well, two:
I want a JS regex to replace all whitespace with a hyphen
var str = 'some string';
var regex1 = ?????;
str = str.replace(regex1, '-');
and another to replace all non-alphanumerics with nothing - ie remove them
regex2 = ?????;
str = str.replace(regex2, '');

What I have tried:

Banging my head against a brick wall.
Wearing a garlic necklace.
I am armed with a wooden stake and a gun with a silver bullet.
Updated 4-Feb-18 1:05am

1 solution

All whitespace: /\s/g
All non-alphanumerics: /[^a-zA-Z0-9]/g
A_Griffin 4-Feb-18 6:21am
Thanks! Well, I knew it was easy .... I just have a mental block against regex.... cannot get my head around it.

Of course.... what I actually need is to exclude hyphens form the second one...
A_Griffin 4-Feb-18 6:22am
Hey - I figured that (hyphen thing) - I'm a genius!!!! :)

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