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In a datatable I need to save file extension by getting from a filename column within same datatable.

For this i am using sql expression as below

iif(@str like '%.%',reverse(left(reverse(@str), charindex('.', reverse(@str)) - 1)),'')

this need to be added in datacolumn default value

dt.Columns.Add("FileExtension", typeof(string), "iif([Resume Doc Name] like '%.%',reverse(left(reverse([Resume Doc Name]), charindex('.', reverse([Resume Doc Name])) - 1)),'')");

But above code is failing at reverse function.

Any suggestions to achieve this?


What I have tried:

Tried in different ways using sql expressions
Updated 6-Feb-18 5:51am
ZurdoDev 6-Feb-18 11:02am    
What do you mean by "failing"? Do you get an error message?
Richard MacCutchan 6-Feb-18 11:37am    
Why not just use CHARINDEX and RIGHT?

1 solution

As per documentation[^], a reverse function is unavailable. There's only set of function for expression column, i.e.: Convert, Len, IsNull, Iif, Trim and Substring.

If you would like to Reverse text, you may use Linq query. Example:
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Name", typeof(string)));
dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("CarType", typeof(string)));
dt.Rows.Add(new object[]{"Skoda", null});
dt.Rows.Add(new object[]{"Volkswagen", "Business"});
dt.Rows.Add(new object[]{"Mazda", "Personal"});
dt.Rows.Add(new object[]{"Renault", "Business"});

var result = dt.AsEnumerable()
		Name = x.Field<string>("Name"),
		CarType = x.Field<string>("CarType"),
		ReversedName = string.Join("", x.Field<string>("Name").Reverse())

Name       CarType  ReversedName
Skoda      null     adokS 
Volkswagen Business negawskloV 
Mazda      Personal adzaM 
Renault    Business tluaneR 
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