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Dear Expert,

A stepwise approach to run a schedule task from the

1. Task scheduler
2. The application is a C#, .aspx application.
3. The .aspx application calls a stored procedure.


How do you set the whole process ?

How to call the stored procedure from C#, ASP.NET application.

Where do you place the stored procedure to run.

i.e. Page Load or ...

I don't want to use the Job Scheduler in ms sql server.


What I have tried:

I have looked at a number of related solutions on the web, but not well formulated to this request.
Updated 18-Feb-18 22:36pm

For a website-based application, you need to set up a scheduled task within your hosting service. If your hosting service uses WebsitePanel (and many do) then it's fairly obvious. Log in as your account admin, and click on the "Scheduled tasks" icon. Click "Add Scheduled Task" and set the "Task Type" to "check Web site Availability" - this allows y
you to run a aspx file from a URL, even from your own domain. That page can do anything on the server that you need.
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Google " scheduled task", this is a very frequently asked question. is a request\response technology which means you make a request via the browser and your code runs and returns a response. That makes it a very poor candidate for scheduling tasks as you're missing the "request" element.

You're going to have to schedule "something else" that makes the request for you such as a scheduled task or a service, but if you're renting web space and not your own server then it's unlikely either of those will be supported. The alternative is to use something like which will use a timer and threading to run code within your site at a given time, this will work on any hosting solution but the problem is that the site needs to be running in order to work and unless your site is in use 24/7 that's something you can't guarantee as IIS will shut your site down if it is inactive.
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Laxmidhar tatwa technologies 19-Feb-18 23:37pm    
It is easy for you to use nugates sheduler or any third party

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