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Build a presidents() method that prints out the names of the first 7 Presidents of the United States, each on separate lines. Remember to make your method a static method. Have your main method call the presidents() method. Call your class “PresClass”

What I have tried:

Like I'm getting confuse of how to make my code for this question. Like do I have to put a return statement to make it work
Here my code:
public class PresClass { 
public static String {
public static void presidents(String args[]) {
System.out.print("George Washington");
System.out.print("John Adams");
System.out.print("Thomas Jefferson");
System.out.print("James Madison");
System.out.print("James Monroe");
System.out.print("John Quincy Adams");
System.out.print("Andrew Jackson");
Updated 19-Feb-18 12:28pm
phil.o 19-Feb-18 17:17pm    
The code you showed is not well-formed. Two of the three opening braces are not closed. Please correct it.

1 solution

The requirements are clear, you have to fill the following skeleton
class PresClass
  static void presidents()
    // your code here
  public static void main( String args[] )
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