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How to handle MAX, NULL values in rule engine.
Suppose if my First xml element value is null and its integer, how can i compare the xml element with a non null value?

What I have tried:

i tried converting which gave me no response
Updated 28-Feb-18 0:05am
RickZeeland 28-Feb-18 5:26am    
Oops, seems my question was posted as a Solution, sorry about that !
My question was: what rule engine are we talking about here ?
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Member 13701048 28-Feb-18 5:29am    
it is a c# rule engine where you can get the values based on given formulas and inputs.
You can see it in the following link

Dotnet Simple Rule Engine[^]
Member 13701048 28-Feb-18 5:30am    
please check in the following link

1 solution

You could do it like this:
public void ExecuteTaxRules()
    XmlDocument rules = new XmlDocument();

    string directory = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + @"\TaxCalculator.xml";

    XmlDocument model = new XmlDocument();


    ROM rom = Compiler.Compile(rules);
    rom.AddModel("Employee", model);

    int max = 900000;
    string grossSalary = model["Employee"]["GrossSalary"].InnerText;

    int grossInt;
    int.TryParse(grossSalary, out grossInt);

    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(grossSalary))
        Console.WriteLine("Error: GrossSalary is null or empty !");
    else if (grossInt > max)
        Console.WriteLine("Error: GrossSalary maximum exceeded !");
        var tax = model["Employee"]["Tax"].InnerText;
        var NetSalary = model["Employee"]["NetSalary"].InnerText;
        var message = string.Format("Tax: {0} and Net take home salary :{1}", tax, NetSalary);

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