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hi good day! i would like to ask how to split this serial
string = 12,100
continuous because it was from serial
i would like to ask how to split it like this
x= 12,10,13
y= 100,250,240

What I have tried:

i tried this one
If (split.Count = 10) Then
but the problem with there it was limit by 10 there is no specific size or lines when i will stop it will just stop when it receive ("D") sorry for my English
Updated 27-Mar-18 1:00am
Richard MacCutchan 7-Mar-18 4:54am    
What are the actual characters you receive, i.e. is there a CR/LF after each set, or are they fixed size?
Redd 7-Mar-18 7:50am    
They are not fixed size sir it was from sensor each data was sent to my textbox and they are integer sir :)
Richard MacCutchan 7-Mar-18 8:05am    
In your question you state that the data is a serial string; so which is it? And how exactly are you supposed to split the numbers?
Redd 7-Mar-18 8:22am    
this is my sample I'm so sorry i'm really terrible on explaining hehe give me more patience
Dim value As String = "500,12,600,23,400,13.........."
x = textbox1
y = textbox2
this my problem i want to split it like this one
textbox1 = 12,23,13
textbox2 = 500,600,400
thank you very much sir for you reply im so sorry for how i explain :( i hope you understand my english :) thank you sir
Richard MacCutchan 7-Mar-18 9:01am    

Dim delimiter As Char = ","c
Dim substrings() As String = value.Split(delimiter)

You now just need a loop so all even items in substrings (0, 2, 4 etc) go to textbox2, and the others to textbox1.

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Redd 7-Mar-18 7:47am    
thank you very much!
Maciej Los 27-Mar-18 6:59am    
Try this:
Dim s As String() = {"12,100", "10,250", "13,240"}
Dim result = s.Select(Function(x) x.Split(New String(){","}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)) _
		.Select(Function(z) New With { _
			.x = z(0), _
			.y = z(1)})

For Each r In result
	Console.WriteLine("x={0} | y={1}", r.x, r.y)
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