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I am trying to program a vex claw bot robot that uses 5 of the 2-wire 393 motors and 1 of the vex servo motors. I need a code for programming the robot to a Vex 2.0 cortex. 4 of the motors are used for the wheel and 2 are used for opening and closing the claw of the robot and the other for moving the arm up and down. We are also using a servo motor to rotate a go pro camera that is attached to the robot. The picture below is basis of the robot we have with a few things added. If you are able to help and give me any pointers or give me a reliable website that is easy to understand even a start on the code that would be greatly appreciated.

What I have tried:

I am not very experience this is a new thing for me, so all I have done is try to do some research but since I am not knowledgeable about programming I could't comprehend a lot of the things It was saying.
Updated 12-Mar-18 7:40am
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Mar-18 17:08pm
If you are able to help and give us a good programming code
That's not helping. That's doing your work for you.

The only code you get is the code YOU write.
Member 13720478 12-Mar-18 13:00pm
I do not know how to write a code, I have never been taught since I am in 9th grade. Do you know somewhere I can learn? I only have about a month to finish my robot.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Mar-18 13:59pm
The link Richard found below is going to be your starting point as far as learning how write the code.

I know of no tutorials on VEX at all.
Member 8766197 12-Mar-18 0:43am
you posted the same question here ... ..... quit asking and do some work
Richard MacCutchan 12-Mar-18 5:14am
"I haven't tried much because I am unsure of what to do."
Read the documentation on the robot.
Member 13720478 12-Mar-18 13:03pm
Richard MacCutchan, Their isn't a document to read because my partner and I designed the robot ourselves.
Richard MacCutchan 12-Mar-18 13:10pm
Then you will be the only people who understand how to program it.
Member 13720478 12-Mar-18 13:36pm
it uses vex programming. I do not know how to program I have never done it before. It's fine if you can't help I am obviously in the same spot as you.
Richard MacCutchan 12-Mar-18 13:41pm
Sorry, I have no idea what vex programming is.

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