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i have my codes below , when i try to run the codes only the first column in the excel that's fits. the other column where not, i want to see all of my column where automatically fits, hope you could help me guys !

What I have tried:

For k As Integer = 1 To DataGridView1.Columns.Count
xlWorkSheet.Cells(1, k) = DataGridView1.Columns(k - 1).HeaderText
xlWorkSheet.Cells(i + 2, j + 1) = DataGridView1(j,i).Value.ToString()

xlWorkSheet.Cells.RowHeight = 20
Updated 4-Apr-18 21:17pm
David O'Neil 18-Mar-18 23:33pm
Where is the end of your 'For' statement?

xlWorkSheet.Range(xlWorkSheet.Cells(i, 1), xlWorkSheet.Cells(i, 10)).ColumnWidth = AutoSize

This May Help You To auto fit Columns in Excel Sheet
Move this line outside the loop and you'll get what you want.

More at MSDN: Range.AutoFit Method (Excel)[^]

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