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Hello Im beginer in C++ a Im looking help. I have a this code for specific choice. I would like to allow paste to this box via CTRL+V. Now I have only choice across right click mouse button and select paste. How can I allow paste on this edit box

here is image url : obrazek —[^]

thank you for help

What I have tried:

I try to edit dll file using resource hacker
Updated 8-Nov-20 3:43am
Jochen Arndt 20-Mar-18 7:32am    
It should work without modifications with standard Windows edit boxes.
However, the edit control must have the focus.

Or do you want to do it for an existing application without having the source code?
Then the default support might be disabled by handling keyboard events and you won't be able to change that behaviour.
Member 13711215 20-Mar-18 7:42am    
yes this is existing application. I dont have a source code.

yes this is existing application. I dont have a source code.
Then all you can do is contacting the author of the application.

Because pasting by context menu works, it is probably a bug (I can't see any reason for doing such by intention).

If you can't get it fixed by the author:
Did you tried Shift+Insert?

If you want to use the keyboard only you can also try to use the context menu key (left of the right Ctrl key on many keyboards) and navigate to the paste option using the cursor keys.
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Unless an Edit Box (CEdit Class | Microsoft Docs[^]) is read only or disabled, you should be able to paste text into it by default. No need to do anything.

Just make sure that:
1. Read Only is False
2. Disabled is false
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Richard Deeming 9-Nov-20 11:00am    
The OP said "this is existing application. I dont have a source code". This answer cannot be applied.
Michael Haephrati 9-Nov-20 11:26am    
I see that now (as a comment), but I am answering questions for the benefit of the entire community. I am not assisting the OP, especially since oddly enough, he is asking a coding question having no source code...
You must write some action handler like for "Ctrl+V" and than use the Clipboard API. You find some bloated example code, so pay attention to the more interesting EdityCopy() and EditPaste() code.
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