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I have already developed web application in c#.
we also put setting validateRequest to true, this validates the scripts and html tags(<script>,<p>) from injecting. but using Burp suit we can insert data like "%uFF1Cscript%uFF1Ealert%28%u2018XSS%u2019%29%3B%uFF1C/script%uFF1E" how to validate these types of attack in some global level settings.

What I have tried:

we tried in webconfig like-

<globalization requestEncoding="utf-8"/>

 <add name="X-Xss-Protection" value="1; mode=block" />
      <add name="X-Content-Type-Options" value="nosniff" />
      <add name="Content-Security-Policy" value="default-src 'self' , 'unsafe inline' etc...;" />
      <add name="X-Frame-Options" value="SAMEORIGIN" />
      <add name="Strict-Transport-Security" value="max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains"/>
F-ES Sitecore 20-Mar-18 10:26am
Sanitise things by Html Encoding them before you output them to the response stream. If you've written a website and are now looking to secure it as an after thought then change how you write websites.
Vishal S. Kumbhar 20-Mar-18 10:32am
Yes I can change now. but i'm stuck in this. so if you have any solution then suggest me.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 20-Mar-18 13:40pm
As 'validateRequest' handles a lot of scenarios you should add details about the way you hacked yourself with Burp... It would help...
In any case - if it is possible you should encode every bit of data coming from the client just before saving it to the DB...
Vishal S. Kumbhar 20-Mar-18 14:18pm
Same scenario explained here --
but instead of injecting script tags we are encoded string line "%uFF1Cscript%uFF1Ealert%28%u2018XSS%u2019%29%3B%uFF1C/script%uFF1E" for alert('XSS');

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