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Hi all.
I am trying to create a new workbook and save it to a file (file name depend on variable)

But Stille error "
Run time error 1004
Application define or object- define error.

Please help me.

What I have tried:

I have try:
 Set fRwB = Workbooks.Add
fRwB.Sheets.Add().Name = "Company Name"
  sFile = outPath & "\" & Format(sdate, "yymm") & ".xlsx"
  fRwB.Save Filename:=sFile, FileFormat:=51
  myFile = Dir
Updated 25-Mar-18 3:10am
Patrice T 25-Mar-18 0:07am
vba also tell you the line of error

1 solution

Check this:
Dim wbk As Workbook
Dim wsh As Worksheet
Dim sFile As String

sFile = outPath & "\" & Format(sdate, "yymm") & ".xlsx"
Set wbk = Application.Workbooks.Add
Set wsh = wbk.Worksheets(1)
wsh.Name = "Company Name"
wbk.SaveAs sFile

Set wsh= Nothing
Set wbk = Nothing

For further details, please see: Workbook.SaveAs Method (Excel)[^]

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